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German Indoor Championships

Our MALIKHeros present themselves in good condition. With Nils Grünewald from TSV Mannheim we could win a real indoor specialist for MALIK.

This year's indoor championships will take place in Mülheim.
The following athletes will participate: Niklas Bruns (DCadA), Cecile Pieper (Mannheim HC), Nils Grünewald (TSV Mannheim) and Chrischi Schellinger (Munich SC)

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Anabel goes abroad

Our #malikhero Anabel from Hamburg, Germany, just returned from travelling Australia before she’s going to head to the UK to swing her stick with British girls in London. 5 weeks of Down Under where she travelled with a hockey friend from home starting in Melbourne going up north via Sydney were just the beginning. Now, the UK experience is only a few days away where she will be playing at Surbiton Hockey Club under the German assistant National Coach at the European Championships until the end of May.

Anabel’s ‘hockey-life’ began in Berlin, where she grew up and started playing. Looking for a place and university to study she took a few cities into consideration and ended up in the Hockey capital of Germany – Hamburg. Her old teammate from Berliner HC, Mieke, asked her “whether I wanted to come with” and so Anabel ended up playing in Hamburg for HTHC, which her stomach told her would be the right club for her. The clue to that story is that her and this friend and former MALIK hero ended up living in the same flat together!

This is the great thing about our sport. It is a small community despite this big hockey world. Through hockey we create friendships that let us explore the world and get insights into different ways and whereabouts of living. Whether this is internationally or nationally we are all connected through a shared passion.

“A player of the club played at Club an der Alster once and I asked whether I had a chance to play at her club for half a season.” – and here the story begins of what is going to follow next year. We wish Anabel the best of luck and hope for her that she will have the greatest experience of all!!

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Kia ora teams from all over the world! Cecile takes over.

The #HWL2017 is about to hit off in just four days. The teams have made their way to the remote island of the long white cloud (‘Aotearoa’ as they call it in the native language Maori) and are getting ready to bring it on at the World League Finals. Amongst these teams our #malikheroes are also showing off their skills. Next to Delfina Merino from Argentina Kelly Jonker from the Netherlands, Cecile Pieper from the #DieDanas is on board. In order to give you a close up and behind the scenes look – we are super thrilled that Cecile will take over our #malikhockey Instagram account. Hereby a few pointers before Cecile takes over!

MALIK Hockey: Cecile, have you ever been to NZ before?

Cecile: No, I have never been to New Zealand, but I have only heard great things! I am super excited to be able to be here myself.

MALIK Hockey: What are your thoughts and expectations?

Cecile: I think that we have a good team with a lot of potential! After the European Championship we did not have any preparation clinics anymore. We have also had a few changes in our staff. Therefore, I am looking forward to the start of the tournament very much J And of course we want to take something home with us!

MALIK Hockey: Are there any teams you want to settle a score with?

Cecile: With almost any team there is always another one with whom you have to settle a score with :) England for example because of the #EC2017 and the game vs China surely have a special significance for us!

MALIK Hockey: Can you let us know the style of play the Kiwi girls have?

Cecile: The NZ women always play with high tempo and their strength is especially their physicality.. because they are not in our pool we do not know whether we will get to play against them in the tournament but if we do it would be the first time since Rio! Before the official start we have a training match against them.

How long was the flight and who were your row partners?

Cecile: We flew half an eternity (6 hours to Doha and then another 16,5 hours to Auckland!) I sat next to my team mates from Mannheim – Nike and Mille. We discussed beforehand who would bring which snacks.

MALIK Hockey: Will you be going on some excursions while you are there?

Cecile: We will definitely do something but we do not know any details yet.

MALIK Hockey: Thank you for your time and you answers Cecile! Are you looking forward to taking over our Instagram account?

Cecile: Of course! :) #dreamcometrue

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3 times a charm – Kelly Jonker’s endurance

Our Dutch National player and #malikhero Kelly Jonker just recovered from her third shoulder surgery – with success and just in time to make the squad for the European Championships this year in Amsterdam. “I could make the EC – it was a realistic goal,” she explains, making clear that her motivation to push herself was a based on a good perspective.

6 times training per week, 3 times strength and 3 times 1 on 1 with the physiotherapist was her program since her surgery. “Particularly friends and family, they go through the situation with you” – were the ones that stood by her during the tough times of recovery. “Especially in the beginning, when I could not do much, “ she lived with her parents.

Kelly though always had her goal in mind and never gave up. “I knew what to expect”, she said remembering the times before. “It was nice to know what is normal and that it is slowly getting better.”

Now she has officially made it and is facing Belgium today at 10 am in Barcelona. She wants to play as many games as possible before the EC to be in top form once it hits the middle of august. “I will enjoy the EC - in my own country, - in my own club – this is a very nice reward for all the hard work.”

We look forward to seeing you there Kelly!

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“Pack your bags – you are going to Barcelona”

Our MALIK hero Jan-Philipp Fischer, who has been the captain of his club Mannheimer HC for years is right now preparing for his first official game with the German National Team at the 4 Nations Tournament in Barcelona.

Tuesday nominated, Friday departure – “everything went very fast, I had to send in photos, give organizational details and go to the university to tell them that I would not be able to take the exam next week.” The sport management master student excelled during the regular season through his and his team’s performance. After playing the EHL and becoming German national champion, the German national coach Kermas gave him a shot.

The tournament is the last test before the European Championships in the middle of august. The team that is going to the Netherlands to fight for the title is however not yet set completely. This tournament is the last opportunity to qualify. “There is always a chance and I will definitely give my best,” Japhi, how he is called by friends, says. More than anything – he is excited. Had someone told him 3 weeks ago that he would make his first game with the national team tomorrow, he would have thought “very unlikely.”

We wish you the best of luck for rocking these coming three days Japhi!

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A special thanks to Dirk Markgraf for the photo!

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Hannes goes UHC

Saturday, 2pm, North of Hamburg - “UHLEN – HORST!!” 17 guys yell at the centre line of their home turf before heading into their huddle to get pumped for their game vs. Mannheimer TSV. In this huddle of the 1st Bundesliga team of Uhlenhorster HC, a club with big names as Moritz Fürste, Oliver Korn and #malikhero Moritz Polk, is a new member showing his skills for the first time. His name is Hannes Müller, Under 18 Youth National player, #malikhero and rising star of the club in Hamburg - making his debut in the Bundesliga as an outer wing in the forward line.

Just like our #malikhero Martin Zwicker, Hannes’ child playing field is Köthen, a town in the East of Germany. Unlike Zwicker he chose Hamburg and UHC over BHC and Club an der Alster, which was led by personal connections he had. “It’s an f*** awesome club,” one that is “very close, which fits well with me personally,” Hannes explains.

Even though Saturday was his first game for the men’s team of the UHC he was quite chill and calm going into it. No pressure - “I was relatively cool, had no problems with nervousness [habe meinen Stiefel gespielt]”, said Hannes. The game ended up in a 4-4 tie, in which Hannes played the same amount of time as other players, as their coach trusts them with doing the interchanging independently. Compared to his experience in the youth national team he claims that the 1st Bundesliga is “faster and more physical, because men around 30 (years old) play as well. It is a little harder.” Even though Hannes is not one of the largest guys on the team he is fast and calls his technique his strength. “I can handle the ball pretty well”, our malikhero says. “I can hold up physically, I know how to use my body not to fall on my face right away,” he jokes.

Next weekend they are facing Wimbledon at the EHL – a new challenge for Hannes. Stay tuned for news and “play MALIK” in the meantime he says ;-)

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3 points vs. Laren – The team it takes

Picture this – 1 Team. 1 Goal. 0 Wins.

This was Hurley Dames 1 record since October 30th last year.

This was what people on the outside saw.

This was what the team faced when going into Sunday’s game vs. Laren, a team that is hunting after a spot in the playoffs.


Since their last win Hurley Dames 1 left points on the field they should have taken home and missed out on goals that should have been scored.


We would say that it takes a special team to come from behind with that record and end up on top. They would, too.

“It just didn’t go well and took a pretty long time to come back, and then vs. Laren”, says #malikhero Lisa Visser. “They were going for the playoffs and had lots of corners (10), but we were doing well the entire time!”


When asked where they drew their strength from, Lisa, who thinks one of her biggest contribution to the team is winning her own match-ups and thus enabling the team to get back on attack, was that “we had a very good meeting on Tuesday in which we told one another about what we needed from each other.. We wanted to work hard and always believe in us, which is what we did from the beginning of the game.” Even when we were down by 1 goal and entered the changing room during halftime – “we knew we could get points today!”


The great thing about hockey is that if you don’t score, you don’t win - Simple as that. And that is what Lisa says their strength was – “effectiveness and belief in ourselves”. Besides the corners Laren did not have many more big opportunities to score and the usually low scoring Hurley Dames 1 put the game on lock down after their 2-1 lead to take their first win of 2017 home. 


Full of enthusiasm they are going into their next match up vs. Oranje Rood next sunday, an especially exciting game for the #malikteam, as we will not only get to watch Lisa Visser but also our other #malikhero Freeke Moes!

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Willemijn Bos – Strong women play field hockey

Playing field hockey is a way of life.

It is not just a part of your world but a part of yourself. Life revolves around it and it takes on an importance that you might not have expected beforehand. 4 years ago a new dream was formed, a road was started being walked on with a clear goal at the horizon. Back then she was not granted the opportunity to play for her country due to a severe injury.

A set back for some, a push for others. Even though the pain of that moment will stay for her forever, she fought back and is stronger and better than before. In a few weeks her moment to shine showing the ambition and hard work, mentally and physically, to be #bestofthebest will be just a few footsteps, a few warm up hits and one national anthem away.

#malikhero Willemijn Bos is on the urge of being there.
Living the dream

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6 times is a charm – or – breaking the unlucky streak

5 times in the race to playing in the first league, always being just there but never getting the final touch. This year it is different for our #malikhero Alica Wahl & Hanna Valentin of HTC Uhlenhorst Mülheim.

The past years have been tough for #malikhero Alica & Hanna and the women of the HTC Uhlenhorst Mülheim. 5 years in a row they placed second, just to miss the promotion to the first league for another year. Last year they only lost to Grossflottbek after the time had already run out and was only prolonged through a penalty corner in the last seconds of the game, leading to a goal against - A very tough and painful end to a season, which was supposed to end with a celebrational return trip.
Their strength was their team spirit on top of their individual finesse. In the 2015-2016 season they put these traits to the test, only losing points in 3 games. They clearly showed where they rightfully belonged by scoring 40 goals more than the second place. And today, they officially and finally advance to the Bundesliga!

Congrats Alica and Hanna!



Jana Teschke – Best Player of the #EHCCC 2016

#malikhero Jana Teschke is having a run – best player of the German Championships, EHCCC 2016 third place and best player of the tournament. We have asked her a few questions about her preparation for the tournament, her goals beforehand and whether she would have expected any of this.

Congratulations to 3rd place Jana! Was that your goal?
Our actual goal was to reach the finals to play for the title. Due to that we had the ambition to at least get a medal at the end.
Best player of the tournament – did you expect this?
To reach our goal in the tournament I just gave all that I could and was in my power to help the team reach the goal we had set. The recognition of being the best player of the tournament on an international level is a huge honour for me. I enjoyed the tournament in all aspects a lot!

What would you say was your team’s biggest strength?
Definitely the coherence, the team spirit on and off the turf. Every player fought for another, no matter how much time that player was given on the turf. Every single one put their heart on the line and gave 100%. Next to the turf we always had lots of fun!

Did you have pre-game rituals?
Oh yes! Those we definitely had!
Before every game we completely went nuts to the song “Heartbeat” in the changing room and before every warm up we have a small ritual. Everybody gets together and we form a circle. We hug each other and get ourselves with a particular song and jumps back and forth pumped up for the game. For those watching it might seem strange but we are all into it?

Onto the next hurdle!
Thank you Jana!


Lucha La Pelicula – Lucha the Film
Jugando con lo imposible

There is no one like her. No field hockey player has ruled this world as much as she has. No field hockey player has received the Best Player of the Year award as many times as she has. An icony in Argentina, a legend having given her life to field hockey, a MALIK player for 10 years, a true lioness, an idol all over the world, and now on screen!

Today the director Ana Quiroga and Lucha herself are introducing the first movie of a hockey player ever made. #malikhero Luciana Aymar’s story from when she began playing, over the persistence and hard work she put in during every training and her vision is being shown first hand. Shots of trainings, games, summaries of experiences, interviews of involved parties make the movie an unforgettable experience. Listen to coaches’ thoughts of her, former teammates voices about her and witness the amazing story of the world’s best player and beautiful human being – Luciana Aymar.

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