Delfina Merino

Delfina Merino


  • Birthday: 15.10.1989
  • Stick: Carbon-Tech Malibu
  • Club: Banco Provincia
  • National Team: Argentina
  • Position: Striker

Delfina Merino, called Delfi, has picked up the stick with 5 years of age. Her parents got her to the sport that she and her brother both participate in successfully. Since she was able to hold up a stick she has been part of the same club and the same team, until 2009, when she became a Leona, playing alongside of teammate and friend Luciana Aymar.

Next to field hockey, she studies law in Buenos Aires. Delfi’s pleasant and friendly personality rounds up her persona, so that when looking at her as a player, one can also see the person underneath. Standing behind her since she was little is a her family, which supports her on every step, wherever she is and goes, wherever in the world it may be. These true and permanent fans were able to witness her scoring the deciding goal during the PanAm finals in 2013, receiving a silver medal at the Olympics in 2012 in London and winning the gold medal at the world championships on home grounds in Rosario, Argentina.

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