Luciana Aymar

Luciana Paula Aymar


  • Birthday: 10.08.1977
  • Former National Team: Argentina

Luciana has many nicknames. To list a few, “the magician”, “the maradona of field hockey” should come to mind. Others simply call her Lucha.

In 1998, when she was 16 years of age she became a Leona, making her first appearance during the Hockey World Cup. Throughout the course of her career, multiple victories of the PanAms, six champions trophies and 4 Olympic medals followed, also winning the Hockey World Cup twice with a few years apart. The outstanding player, incomparable to anyone else, played over 350 international games and scored more than 150 goals for her nation. In Argentina and in the worldwide field hockey community, Lucha has become an idol – winning the FIH Player of the Year Award 8 times she has set the bar high for any players to come. Considered being the best female player of all time, she has become immortal. For ten years during her active time as a player she chose MALIK as her weapon at hand.

Her speed, her skills, her eye to finish in the right moment, to make the right pass, to beat others by outsmarting them have made her a legend, a MALIK hero for life, serving as the ideal role model for all those aspiring to be great as well.

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