Cecile Pieper

Cecile Pieper


  • Birthday: 31.08.1994
  • Stick: Carbon-Tech Malibu
  • Club: Mannheimer HC
  • National Team: Germany
  • Position: Offensive midfielder
  • Latest Career Highlight: Silver European Championships 2019

Cecile – literally a bundle of joy
Having started with 6 years of age after her mother had laid her the talent in the baby crib, Cecile and her family have lived hockey to the fullest ever since. Her dad is a handball rockstar, which she likes to point out when mentioning on the side that her mother was also part of the National Team in her youth. The mix of sports she has been offered by her family is what describes Cecile in her daily life as well. Even though she trains up to roughly 16 times per week, she is also busy with her bachelor in psychology and tries to squeeze in tennis and golf in the remaining open slots.

“Painting I am not good at” – realizing what your strengths and weaknesses are is what one needs in order to be able to build a base. However, the modest Cecile knows what she cannot do but slightly struggles with pinpointing what she is very good at on the field. “I must be good at something”, she says and laughs when we respond, “of course! You are on the national team representing your country at one of THE biggest sporting events!”. She sees her biggest strength as her speed, her ability to play in different positions and that she has a good technique. “MALIK is for the technical players”, she identifies with.
The offensive playmaker has found her favorite position in the midfield line, where she can play with everybody and can also take diagonal cuts across the field. The diversity is what she loves about this position and about the sport. Tactic, technique, athleticism, “you need a little bit of everything to be successful in this sport.” “It is very elegant”, she adds.

One day Cecile says, she might start picking up playing an instrument again, when she has time, but before that, she will thrive on the national team that she has only been on since 2013 and continue to only have one piece of music calm her down before every game – the national anthem.

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