Martin Zwicker

Martin Zwicker


  • Birthday: 27.02.1987
  • Stick: Carbon-Tech Gaucho
  • Club: Berliner HC
  • National Team: Germany
  • Position: Midfielder
  • Latest Career Highlight: Bronze at the Olympics 2016

We could just call Martin Zwicker by his self-chosen nickname “Zwick” and end his portrait right here, expressing exactly the essence of the independent person, the ‘on-point’, ‘less is more’ and ‘get done with it’ attitude of our MALIK hero. But we choose to give a little more insight ;)

Zwick, who is very chill and has a pretty dry sense of humor and a perfectionist character as is, started his career at the Cöthener Hockey Club 02 following his dad’s footsteps before moving to the Berliner HC, playing in the Bundesliga for years. He does not say a lot off the turf, but when he does say something and when you watch him unpack his speed and his quick skills on the turf you can witness that deep waters indeed are quiet. Under pressure his teammates can always find him, while he calmly holds the ball and distributes it further out of the pressure zones.

Zwick, how he is called on the field, currently plays in the midfield, but as “there are no true set positions today anymore” he could also be found on the baselines at each end of the field defending or attacking the other team’s goal. When he is not playing, practicing, or somehow else involved with field hockey, he studies sport science, where he also finds support in his athletic career, as his situation can be well understood and acknowledged.

His career highlights were “definitely” the gold medal of the European Championships in Boom, but surely also the German National Championship title in 2012. “To me, those are very close to one another.”

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