Jana Teschke

Jana Teschke


  • Birthday: 22.09.1990
  • Stick: Carbon-Tech Malibu
  • Club: Uhlenhorster HC
  • National Team: Germany
  • Position: Offensive midfielder
  • Latest Career Highlight: Bronze at the Olympics 2016

“You are born into this sport” - Jana’s mother took her to field hockey for the first time when she was 5 years old. She was herself a youth national player and has the hockey passion flowing through her veins. From that time on Jana was hooked.

For the first 6 years her mother not only supported her on her path to becoming the person she is, but she also coached her to lay the ground stone for her sporting career. “My mum is a strong woman and shows the strength and personality that I admire and wish to take as a role model for myself.” Starting around ten years of age, Jana received the first chances to play in the regional selection teams, requiring her to put tennis, her other sport, aside and fully focus on her favorite sport.

Awards such as best player of the German Championships 2016, of the EHCCC this year, are honors to her but not drivers. What she enjoys about playing hockey is the team – “you share happiness during your successes and you are disappointed together when something goes wrong”. She lives in the moment with goals that she wants to reach knowing that she has to work hard and relentlessly in the present. Success does not come by surprise, a little bit of luck is necessary, but it is also earned. “Enjoy and treasure the moment, do not take anything for granted,” she says and continues on saying that she never had the thought in mind of stopping with field hockey, ever. There are new techniques that are ought to be learned, new challenges to face and conquer, new goals to achieve and 3x hockey practices and 5 athletic practices to do, excluding games. Her speed with the ball and her willingness to make meters is what puts her at the top of the game.

And what is Jana doing besides hockey? – “studying at the university to become a great teacher.” Taking her experiences in sport with her she wants to make a difference in children’s lives. “Performing every day”, working in a community, listening to what her students have on their minds and their hearts, and learning every day something new, while being the best of the best, is what drives her on a daily basis, in every aspect life.

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