Katharina Frank

Katharina Frank


  • Birthday: 29.05.1987
  • Stick: Carbon-Tech Gaucho
  • Club: Uhlenhorster HC
  • National Team: Germany
  • Position: Defender
  • Latest Career Highlight: Bronze at the Olympics 2016

Katharina, called Katha, does not belong to those “warm-showerers”, as Germans would call ‘douche-bags’ who are soft and can be blown over by a breeze. She takes a cold shower before her games to get ready. Her drive comes from her desire to always be at her best, in every training session, during every game. Where ambition is an immense strength of hers that she treasures, she also calls it one of her greatest weaknesses. “Born into field hockey” she began playing at the Großflottbeker THGC, to then moved to Berlin to play at the BHC and finish her law degree there. She now lives back in her home town, playing for the Uhlenhorster HC together with MALIK hero Jana Teschke.

To her, hockey offers a feeling and a sense of community to those in it. Her siblings and her parents all had a stake in this as they all, at some point in time played or are still playing hockey. If you asked her what she would do outside of hockey it is chasing a ball, drinking coffee, eating in good company or taking her camper van and traveling south to take every day as it comes.

Katha has lead the national teams during many games since her debut in 2010, went to the Olympics in 2012 and has been a vital and stable part of the team. She has fought through frequent injuries to only bring herself back up to the top. Next to her immense drive to succeed, she uses her experience to calm down restless game situations and takes a little pressure of the shoulders of those who think they might be carrying too much.. never forgetting that taking each moment with a sense of humor makes everything a heavy lot easier.

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